Budget-O-Rama: November Edition!

By Kati Hyer | November 11, 2018

NO FAIL TO BUDGET NOVEMBERRRRRRRRR! Well, that’s not as catchy as no-shave-november, but it is certainly more attractive than the caterpillar lips I’ve been kissing lately. No offense babe. But bring on December and the razor! Ready for our budget?! I am an open book. Technically I am an open account register,  because I post our budget for the world to see! I love sharing our plan because I always find it encourages people that hey! We are real people getting out of a real mess! And with the feedback I get, we always learn new tricks to try.  The… Read more Budget-O-Rama: November Edition!

Three piggy banks are better than one

By Kati Hyer | June 19, 2018

Ahh, the piggy bank. Too often empty, many times imagined being smashed to bits to get the coins inside in a cathartic, triumphant violent episode, and almost always a symbol of kids starting to learn about money! The only problem is… we give our kiddos one piggy bank for all their coins, but we want to successfully teach them to handle money wisely in three ways: Saving, spending, and giving! My daughter has three Mason jars with “Adelaide Gives”, “Adelaide Spends”, and “Adelaide Saves” labels attached to them. She 6, and we have been helping her to organize what she earns for a… Read more Three piggy banks are better than one

Who told you that you were poor?

By Kati Hyer | June 6, 2018

We humans use labels. They help us organize the world. Family. Friends. Colleagues. Young. Middle-aged. Old. Driver. Pedestrian. Highschooler. Graduate. These labels are benign enough, but sometimes they don’t just organize us, they trap us. I have heard a kid say “I am not a real food eater.” Did he tell himself that, or did a parent/teacher/adult say that to him one day the brussels sprouts were undercooked, and he now carries that label as identity, after a specific picky-eating afternoon? How about “gifted?” I know a parent who was crushed when the results of her child’s gifted test were shared… Read more Who told you that you were poor?

The Truth about Overdraft Protection

By Kati Hyer | May 11, 2018

I was perusing a bank’s website yesterday and came across their page on overdraft protection. Actually, it was titled “tips for avoiding overdrafts.” It’s advice included Keep a check register Don’t forget insurance premiums, loan payments, and utility bills Don’t forget services charges and check order fees and Don’t rely on “float” – the time between when you cut a check and it leaves your account. Basically, they said: Keep a check register, a rear-view mirror that tells you what your money did to you. Automatic things you should be used to by now that you have to pay every… Read more The Truth about Overdraft Protection

How to stop paying car insurance monthly

By Kati Hyer | May 11, 2018

Car insurance… one of those necessary evils budget items. Is it just me or does it increase every year? Aggravating upcharges or otherwise… You just gotta have it! One of the things I love to do is get the annual discount, where paying in full saves you a nice chunk of change – generally a couple hundred bones! How can you pay annually if you are used to paying monthly, and you can’t figure out how to swing the large, all-at-once cost of an annual car insurance premium? When we first bought our car in 2013, after living abroad with… Read more How to stop paying car insurance monthly

ALL THE FREE FEELS! Spring fun for kids – budget edition

By Kati Hyer | April 27, 2018

There’s something about the sunshine that makes sticking to a budget harder. I want to get them that ice cream, I want to buy them that ticket, and I want to take them to that destination beach. But I knowwwwwww  I shouldn’t afford it and I knowwwwww it will take away from my money boss progress. So do you. We all know it! The good news, is there are a zillion budget-friendly and free options out there for entertaining the kiddos on these gorgeous spring weekends. PLUS you can mitigate some of that pesky #momguilt or #dadguilt (does that exist?) by focusing… Read more ALL THE FREE FEELS! Spring fun for kids – budget edition


By Kati Hyer | April 24, 2018

One of the lessons we often learn the hard way in the world of money is, you must pay attention.  Pay attention, because lenders do not want to forgive your loans. Because of that, Public Student Loan Forgiveness – PSLF – is nearly impossible to get. My husband is a police officer, and there are forgiveness programs out there for first responders. (Note: we want out of debt as fast as possible, so we would not have taken the forgiveness route even if it was still open to us. This true example is to illustrate a point.) However, his student loan service… Read more PAY ATTENTION

This food really ain’t that good.

By Kati Hyer | April 12, 2018

I love America. Anything is possible in America! For example, it is possible to not have enough money to put toward retirement and yet people can magically find the cash to eat out for lunch nearly every day! That, of course, is a joke… but it’s funny because there is some truth to it. 😉 So many of the people I counsel burn the largest part of their disposable cashola on FOOD. Who can blame them here in Louisiana: The food is good. But it isn’t without consequence. Enjoying restaurants can absolutely be a part of a wonderful plan. BUT –… Read more This food really ain’t that good.

How you and your children will grow as you teach them about moolah

By Kati Hyer | April 6, 2018

What do flowers and money have in common? They both grow! We were flower picking today and it inspired me to teach my kids about that essential aspect of money: If you don’t spend it all, it can grow. That’s it. My three year old now knows more than I did as a 22-year-old. And we want our kids to rock in this arena, don’t we? It is so important that we teach our kids about managing their finances. Before you even worry about what to teach your kids, and when, and at what age, and to what degree, and,… Read more How you and your children will grow as you teach them about moolah

Ways for Mommas to make money!

By Kati Hyer | March 31, 2018

With three little kids 6 and younger, it’s hard to work extra to throw to the debt snowball. BUT staying in debt is WORSE! Have you ever put your future into a calculator? Every year we stay in debt and don’t max out our 401Ks costs us  HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars. That is so maddening… but it adds fuel to the fire! I put my current age, 29, into the calculator and said I would retire at 67 while putting $1500 per month in (to max it out!) I have $15000 in my 401K currently and I used a… Read more Ways for Mommas to make money!

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