Hi, I'm Kati.

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And my Alter Ego is 401Kati.

I'm a money coach and encourager believing that you can #WinWithMoney #LikeABoss. I believe it because if my family can do it, anyone can!

If the idea of talking about money makes you nauseous...

Then you've come to the right place.

We learned about the right way to manage money (God's money, for clarification) through the school of self-imposed hard knocks.

We were dumb. $154 grand-in-student-loans-dumb. But God has brought us amazingly, audaciously, incredibly far, and is redeeming our mess to be a message for other families. (The perfect illustration for this would be a shipwreck. Don't sail this way!)

But now we know differently, and our lives will be different. So will our childrens'. The only question is, will yours be?

Reach out to me for a free one-on-one coaching consultation, an upcoming event, or invite me to speak at your next gathering. This money thing is hard - I get it. So, let's do it together!

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