How to #SLAY financial anxiety

By Kati Hyer | January 24, 2018

Am I the only one who has cried tears of regret thinking about our debt, or laid awake at night thinking “How are we ever going to get out of this mess?” Buhler? There was a period of two years where we were turning the Titanic away from the iceberg. We were trying to live on our own with no financial aid, pay for the final hours of my master’s degree in cash, and prioritize that baby we had to feed. I could eat ramen all day long but YALL! Turns out babies shouldn’t live on a diet of processed stuff!… Read more How to #SLAY financial anxiety

Cheap Eats: Breakfast Couscous

By Kati Hyer | January 18, 2018

I am a firm believer that any grain can take on the often restricted role of “breakfast!” Move over oats, it’s time to share the spotlight. Yes, breakfast can be made from rice, and barley, and farro – and in today’s delicious case, couscous!  We normally see couscous made with salt (and butter!) and turned into a side dish, like a pilaf with chicken broth or a tabouli salad with veggies chopped small. But today couscous got to hang out with new friends – cinnamon, raisins, and applesauce – to be a delicious, healthful AND MOST IMPORTANTLY cheap breakfast! How can… Read more Cheap Eats: Breakfast Couscous

Cheap Eats: Taco Soup

By Kati Hyer | January 17, 2018

I am eating Taco Soup leftovers for lunch and it is SO GOOD! And, most importantly, it’s the perfect combo of cheap meets healthy. No I take that back. Delicious is the most important. Just like that tailgater from last week, Deliciousness is followed annoyingly close by Cheap and Healthy! Chealthy. Heap. I’m going for a Brangelina. or a Bennifer. Not working. ANYWAY. Can’t go too cheap (I’m looking at you lonesome Ramen Noodle dinner) and we won’t afford the most affluent of health food. Side eye to you, delicious and attractive Whole Paycheck I mean Wholefoods. I will patronize your hipster… Read more Cheap Eats: Taco Soup

Budget Antics: 2018 | January

By Kati Hyer | January 4, 2018

We have a crazy goal: To be debt free this year. How can that be possible?! $99K to debt we are trying to slay – is it like squeezing blood from a stone? Kati, you can’t do that. Kati accept challenge. So, let’s see the budget. Income: $ 5640 Our combined normal day job paychecks + $ 1100 Kati Job 2 Paycheck 1 $ 315 Handsome Job 2 Paycheck 1 $ 315 Handsome Job 2 Paycheck 2 $ 320 Handsome Job 3 Paycheck 1 $ 300 Handsome Job 3 Paycheck 2 $ 210 Handsome Job 4 Paycheck 1 $ 400… Read more Budget Antics: 2018 | January

20.18 reasons 2018 will be THE YEAR to slay your money goals

By Kati Hyer | January 2, 2018

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF A NEW YEAR! Colloquially known as, “good riddance last year!” day. I love the new year. It’s a time of reflection; a time of looking forward; a time full of promise. If we are not careful, the new year can be a time of bitterness. #beenthere  Speaking of reflection… Where was I in 2017? Oh yes: Cried into my pillows many nights. Why did we take out those stupid  student loans? But also: Welcomed a new baby: the most beautiful one you’ve ever seen. Paid off $27,000, but also let fatigue and excuses relax our budget… Read more 20.18 reasons 2018 will be THE YEAR to slay your money goals

That can’t be right.

By Kati Hyer | November 24, 2017

“That can’t be right,” my husband Dave responded. I had just shown him our staggering $44,000 student loan bill. Ariel signing away her voice without looking at the terms came to mind. “What do you mean?” I asked, a bit dumbfounded. Could there be more? “You forgot my other loan,” he responded. I went back to the computer, looking up email records and old statements. “Babe, we owe SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS,” I gasped. What were we going to do?! He looked over my numbers, taking stock of my detective work. “That can’t be right,” he said. Whew! I’d double counted something, somewhere.… Read more That can’t be right.

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