The Importance of BELIEF in staying motivated

By Kati Hyer | March 23, 2018

Grit. To change your life, you need grit. Passion and perseverance for the long haul. Sticking to hard, hard goals for a long time feels impossible. For example, trying to imagine paying off $154,000 on a $32,000 income with one, then two, then three kids, felt impossible. The math simply didn’t work. But the good thing is, winning with money is only a little bit about math. It’s really mostly about behavior, and your behavior is an outflow of your mindset. I believe I can do it. I believe it is possible. My belief that we can pay off all these student loans,… Read more The Importance of BELIEF in staying motivated

How to throw an AWESOME birthday party on less than $50 bucks!

By Kati Hyer | March 13, 2018

Birthday parties: Kryptonite for a #MoneyBossMom. First, as soon as your kids begin going to school or daycare, your social calendar will switch from being fun for mom and dad to fun for Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Mo. And the gifts! You need to put a line item in your budget for gifts just so when little Susie says “Mom! Jayda’s party is TODAY!” You won’t have to wreck your emergency fund to keep your third grader from becoming a social pariah. Then when you throw your own party?! The costs can be insane. Parents seem like they are practicing… Read more How to throw an AWESOME birthday party on less than $50 bucks!

The power of stopping your 401K while paying off debt

By Kati Hyer | March 2, 2018

Well… I did it. I stopped my contributions to my 401K. 401 Kati stopped her 401K contributions?! I know, I know… how can that be? Here’s the deal: Dave Ramsey teaches to stop your 401K contributions, all retirement contributions, until you are out of debt. He says this for a few reasons: your income is your most powerful wealth-building tool; the faster you are debt free, the faster you can build your wealth; and when you focus with laser intensity on your goals, you can achieve anything. But I was not convinced. I didn’t start contributing until two years ago, because we were… Read more The power of stopping your 401K while paying off debt

The magical bacon-dust of margin in your money

By Kati Hyer | February 21, 2018

Yesterday, my baby’s daycare called me to say they hadn’t been paid for the entire month of February and if they didn’t get paid today, we would be out a daycare! () Some screw up with online bill pay meant that even though the money had left our account three weeks ago, they hadn’t seen the check. A few years ago, I would have panicked, cried, liquidated everything and probably called our parents to borrow the cash we needed. Plus I would have been angry. Angry at the bank for their mistake, angry at the daycare that they didn’t call me… Read more The magical bacon-dust of margin in your money

Why I gave up HGTV for Lent (And why you should, too)

By Kati Hyer | February 19, 2018

Confession: I love home improvement. A little too much. You know the school of thought, God first, spouse second, others next, and yourself last? I am good with all of that. Just put DIY Home Improvement on the list right before spouse. I mean right after. I MEAN SECOND TO LAST! I Mean- not on there at all? *Ahem*. My routine in my early twenties was to wake up, read my favorite home improvement blogs, get to lunch and spend my break reading some more, and then go home after work and catch up on anything I missed in between!… Read more Why I gave up HGTV for Lent (And why you should, too)

Staying MOTIVATED… when you want to crawl under a rock.

By Kati Hyer | February 13, 2018

We had no options. That’s how we felt. The idea of having half of our income sent to Sallie Mae for 20 years felt oppressive, to say the least. Not having the option to change jobs, or move cities, or foster kids –  our whole being was enslaved to paying these student loans.  How could we pay for childcare, groceries, rent, and student loan minimums each month – much less dream of traveling, investing, or vacationing? What about the crazy giving we had heard of? I had dry eye from walking around with perpetual crazy eye. We have three kids.… Read more Staying MOTIVATED… when you want to crawl under a rock.

VIDEO: How do you save $$$Moolah on your groceries?

By Kati Hyer | February 5, 2018

Can we talk grocery shopping?! Here’s the problem: I could live on ramen and bananas but my holier-than-thou husband tells me I cannot feed practically-free-but-nutritionally-void food to our kids. He’s such a diva. So I meet him halfway and try to prepare lots of real food while saving a bundle. Key to making that work and not blowing the budget midway through the week (I’m looking at you, Chick-fil-A!) is: meal planning. Check it out! Here’s how I feed our family of 4 (4.5 if you include the baby!) on $400 or less a month. Have you figured out how much you… Read more VIDEO: How do you save $$$Moolah on your groceries?

Neverending Meals: Black Beans!

By Kati Hyer | January 29, 2018

Dang grocery budgets can be SO HARD to control. That is one reason I like to shop with cash in the store or via online grocery so I can make sure I don’t go over budget. T’is better to put those Little Debbie cakes back on the shelf than to curtail a debt payment. We do $80/week for a family of 5 (the baby doesn’t eat much, so it’s more like a family of 4.5). And last week was a good example of how we make that work (yet still seem to gain weight – so we must be buying… Read more Neverending Meals: Black Beans!

Clydesdale Intense

By Kati Hyer | January 27, 2018

You know, when you read or listen to stories about getting out of debt, you hear the phrase “Gazelle Intense” to describe how motivated you should run away from debt. And it IS motivating! Some people can’t run like a Gazelle. They’re pulling a wagon. They are a Clydesdale. This happens when you have 7 kids. We don’t have 7, but even three is a lot of mouths to feed. Single mommas, my hats’ off o you – I don’t know how you do it. But you have to keep moving forward. You have to lean into progress. You have to… Read more Clydesdale Intense

Sooooo close | January Snowball Goal

By Kati Hyer | January 26, 2018

You ever had one of those days where you find out “I GOT this!!  It’s in the bag!” And then a second later you find out “Nevermind/JK/sry/Try again/So close/Next time”? Like a fat little baby whose cheerios were just out of reach… We made a goal to throw $4,000 extra to paying off our debts this month. A lofty goal! But a great one to start off the New Year and pretty doable if we worked hard and tightened our belts, I thought. Well if you remember from this Budget Antics: 2018 | January post, we needed $1331 more to reach that goal.… Read more Sooooo close | January Snowball Goal

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