Holy. Moly.

(AKA: Our Story- $113,000 Gone And Counting!)

I'm Kati, (Hi, Kati) and welcome to my version of Student Loan-oholics Anonymous. My husband Dave and I bombed financially- so catastrophically bad through taking out financial aid, that we never thought our situation would get better. Spoiler alert:  I'm here to share how we are GETTING OUR FREEDOM BACK AND YOU CAN TOO! And don't let me sugarcoat it: We were total money losers - and I am talking LOSER with five zeroes behind it. ($154 GRAND in Student loans!)

I was in a season of regret, bitterness, and humiliation for a long time as we lived in the self-imposed poverty that came as a consequence of blindly signing on so many student loans and financing our lifestyle while we were in school.

Our student loan payment minimums started at $1300. A MONTH! Thanks to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class, we have climbed out of a ton of debt and while we have thousands left to go, money is no longer a worry! It's become my passion to share what God has brought us through and how we did it - and I have learned I want to help people this way more than anything else! I am passionate about my friends, new parents, retirees, EVERYONE being free to live in their calling instead of having to work for jobs they don't like to pay back degrees or debt for stuff they didn't need. I want to punch that negative legacy in the throat!

I teach and encourage you how to win with money, in a totally demystified way, in a language ordinary folks can understand!

I teach and encourage people how to win with money, whether it be creating and sticking with a spending, saving, giving, and investing plan to achieve your goals (this is called a budget by the way), saving for college, buying cars without a car note, paying off your mortgage early, and raising money-smart kids - but totally demystified, in a language busy moms and dads can understand!  To date, we have paid off about $74K of student loans, built savings for peace of mind, and built a sustainable plan for our family - and I can help you do it for yours, too.