Budget-O-Rama: November Edition!


Well, that’s not as catchy as no-shave-november, but it is certainly more attractive than the caterpillar lips I’ve been kissing lately. No offense babe. But bring on December and the razor!

Ready for our budget?! I am an open book. Technically I am an open account register,  because I post our budget for the world to see! I love sharing our plan because I always find it encourages people that hey! We are real people getting out of a real mess! And with the feedback I get, we always learn new tricks to try.  The bottom line is, plan ahead, and try to stick to the plan. Adjust as you go!

Regular Income: $7482 (5 paycheck month, normally $5982)
Side Hustle Income: $2232
Total Income for November: $9714

Giving: $972
Savings: $818
Housing: $1098.28
Car gas: $400
Food: $531
Family Life: $120
Debt Snowball: $4068.31
Kids: $1573
Work: $121.79

Let’s break it down!

GIVING: $972
We love Jesus and His word, and we are called to be like him – and he was a giver.  Ancient scripture writes that believers should give a tenth of their harvest, what you hear called “the tithe.” It’s pretty simple for us – and comes right off the top. When you learn to live on 90%, giving comes easily. If we tried to find the giving after all the bills were paid, it would be really hard.

We save year-round for taxes, car and term life insurance, Christmas, our anniversary, home repairs, etc. We use Chase bank and if you do an automatic transfer of at least $25 monthly to the savings account, it’s free! Easy peasy. Prior to this bank, we had a checking, an emergency fund, and a savings account that held all our savings, even for different goals. The excel file was too much to keep up with. Having the separate accounts on auto draft makes it sooooo much easier.

HOUSING: $1098.28
I include all the bills related to running our home or utilities in this category. Our mortgage is $770.27, Internet is $73 (I have to get a quote on that), Utilities are generally $94 or less, our cell phones are $76, water is $60.01 (dang we couldn’t have turned off the water one cent earlier?!) Hubby’s gym is $11, and all the digital storage we pay for iCloud google photos etc is…. $6.

GAS: $400
$400. That’s it for this category! Car repairs is one of those things we save for monthly, so oil changes and tires would come out of that savings account… so it doesn’t kill the monthly budget,

FOOD: $531
Doggos eat $100 a month. That’s compared to 5 humans who eat a combined $400 a month. And oh dear, I have just recalled it is a “5 Friday” month, which means I should have budgeted around $500 for groceries (or $100 a week.) I will have to take it out of the only flexible part of our budget – our debt payoff – or save less. Ideally, we can make more! Taking it out of our debt snowball is my least favorite idea because, for the first in many months, we are back at our $4K/month to debt goal. I don’t want to be a dollar shy! So, maybe I can convince my main squeeze to go for one bag of cheaper dog food and reallocate funds from the pups to the groceries. Like stealing candy from a puppy! So punny. Well, it gets my tail wagging. HAR, HAR. Ok, ok, enough with the horrible puns, Kati. We’ll see on the grocery subject. Also this month, we bought a fermenter to replace the one we broke last month ($31.)

I could live eons on a shoestring budget. It’s my spiritual gift. My husband does not share this talent. He was not given the double portion I was, I suppose. He is such a GIVER that he wants to brew beer for friends and family for Co-workers. So… We allotted him $120 this month and me $20. I will probably try to buy something only if needed, off clearance and then squirrel the rest away to debt. I’m ready for freedom, baby! And my husband’s homebrew.

Loan 1- $71 (minimum.)
Loan 2- $68.24 (minimum.)
Loan 3- $298.06 (minimum.)
Loan 4- $350.41 (minimum.)
Extra to debt this month: $3280.60. OR $4068.52 total, baby!!

KIDS: $1543
$1543 is daycare, after-school care, and a field trip. $20 is wipes and dipes, and $10 was a fall festival. Smile and wave. Smile, and wave.

WORK: $121.79
$121.79. I invested in some professional development this month! Always improving.

So, debt is 42%, kids are 16%, housing is 11%, giving is 10%, savings is 8%, food comes in at 5% – despite my best efforts to mash this number down to ZERO – gas is 4%, and family life and professional development are each 1%. I just realized we don’t even have date night in there! That has GOT to be in the budget. So, a few things to tweak, which is fine! Budgets are not carved in stone, as much as I have petitioned for them to be. Can you imagine! “Girl gets bill signed into law:  everyone to happily do budget, get them right the first time, and stop living paycheck to paycheck anymore, forever.” How’s that for a headline?!


Things may change – with kids being out of school, they always can, and the holidays always seem to throw a wrench in the plan. We have giftcards for Thanksgiving and are planning on stocking up over each grocery week, but if anything happens, we will just go back to the drawing board and I will start a new budget. Carved in stone.


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