ALL THE FREE FEELS! Spring fun for kids – budget edition

There’s something about the sunshine that makes sticking to a budget harder. I want to get them that ice cream, I want to buy them that ticket, and I want to take them to that destination beach. But I knowwwwwww  I shouldn’t afford it and I knowwwwww it will take away from my money boss progress. So do you. We all know it!

The good news, is there are a zillion budget-friendly and free options out there for entertaining the kiddos on these gorgeous spring weekends. PLUS you can mitigate some of that pesky #momguilt or #dadguilt (does that exist?) by focusing on the kiddos. How is that possible if you know you should be working/hustling/slaying your debt, piling up cash for your Emergency Fund or building a kick-tail retirement in every spare moment? How can we pause if we are in the height of the short term sacrifice, long term gain mindset? The true benefit is taking a mental break from your career and your debt-slaying side hustle for just a few hours will actually propel you further.

Just like a rock in a slingshot – you have to go backward to go forward. It’s tense, you don’t feel like it’s the right thing necessarily, you feel paused – and then BAM! That built up power will lose that rock and let it fly. The same is true of you and working like a dog – you need a break. Recharging will get you to your goal faster. Remember, God’s masterpiece at the end of creating the world was RESTING! He didn’t do it as an afterthought, it was the crowning piece. He worked just like the Creator and sweated like he was inventing the universe – because he did – and then he rested. Not because He is weak but because the Sabbath is GOOD. So hit two birds with one stone, to keep the slingshot illustration going just a bit longer, and invest some time resting, at no cost, with your kiddos this spring. Then recharged and richly fulfilled by a breather and your family, get back to it and knock out that baby emergency fund/ debt snowball/savings goal!

We went berry picking this week and it was glorious. We live in Baton Rouge, and there are free music events in Perkins Rowe (Rock N Rowe) in Downtown (Live after 5) and more all over the place, so that’s on our list. I like to take the dogs to the dog park and watch them and my kids get terribly messy; we love our library and going to market, even if we only have a few dollars to spend the kids like looking at the different things, art, and people; it’s fun to go to our friends house and play in the field outside; we will visit Gamma and Gampa and play on tractors and go fishing; and this Saturday we are going on a hike to Tunica Hills (Clark Creek Wildlife Management Area.) These things only cost the price of gas, essentially. We will pack some snacks or a brown bag lunch and have a great time! Your kids might be older, and if they are teens, what a great time of the year to start a business! Mowing lawns, babysitting, dog walking, manning lemonade stands, and running errands – all great things to ramp up at the end of the school year to be ready for summer. There are zillions of options. The keys for us are being together once in a blue moon, and being outside. It makes us feel alive – and it leaves our budget beautifully intact.

Here are some options! Print them out and have fun!

Add some more and tell me in the comments what is on your free spring bucket list?

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