VIDEO: How do you save $$$Moolah on your groceries?

Can we talk grocery shopping?! Here’s the problem: I could live on ramen and bananas but my holier-than-thou husband tells me I cannot feed practically-free-but-nutritionally-void food to our kids. He’s such a diva.

So I meet him halfway and try to prepare lots of real food while saving a bundle. Key to making that work and not blowing the budget midway through the week (I’m looking at you, Chick-fil-A!) is: meal planning.

Check it out! Here’s how I feed our family of 4 (4.5 if you include the baby!) on $400 or less a month.

Have you figured out how much you spend on groceries yet? Are you in the “yay we’re totally saving oodles with rice and beans” camp or are you in the “this organic arugula, aubergine, and pepita pizza  was so worth it, but how can I put more money to my savings” camp? Have you tried meal planning? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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