Neverending Meals: Black Beans!

Dang grocery budgets can be SO HARD to control. That is one reason I like to shop with cash in the store or via online grocery so I can make sure I don’t go over budget. T’is better to put those Little Debbie cakes back on the shelf than to curtail a debt payment. We do $80/week for a family of 5 (the baby doesn’t eat much, so it’s more like a family of 4.5). And last week was a good example of how we make that work (yet still seem to gain weight – so we must be buying enough, If we were all skin and bone I’d say increase the budget LOL!).

Something magical happened last week. Food transformed before my very eyes from one meal to another without adding any cost to our grocery budget! I love when that happens. A unicorn somewhere just got rainbow toot power. The magic centered around El Rey de Cheapo: Black Beans.

Here’s the list of meals we made with home-cooked Black Beans:

Black Beans and Roasted Veggies (where the magic all began)
Black Bean Tacos (just added taco seasoning to the beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and shells)
Cuban Black Bean Soup (added the leftovers from the tacos and the roasted veggies to the soup!)
Black Bean Soup over Couscous (Toko the black bean soup and threw over leftover couscous I’d cooked for breakfast)
Black Bean Guacamole and Rice Bowls (combined the leftover black bean and couscous mixture with guacamole and lime rice)

Every night was super tasty. Any of these meals would have been a crowd pleaser! And best of all, they stretch our grocery budget. If you have to throw leftovers away, you’re throwing money away. So, figure out how you can repurpose your groceries all week long and you will make even the slimmest of budgets go far.

What are you budgeting for in the kitchen this week?

Intensely Gazelle Intense, 401KATI!

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