Sooooo close | January Snowball Goal

You ever had one of those days where you find out “I GOT this!!  It’s in the bag!” And then a second later you find out “Nevermind/JK/sry/Try again/So close/Next time”?

Like a fat little baby whose cheerios were just out of reach…

We made a goal to throw $4,000 extra to paying off our debts this month. A lofty goal! But a great one to start off the New Year and pretty doable if we worked hard and tightened our belts, I thought.

Well if you remember from this Budget Antics: 2018 | January post, we needed $1331 more to reach that goal.

This morning we OFFICIALLY REACHED IT! WITH SOME TO SPARE!!! Here’s what we earned compared to what we budgeted:

$ 327 more for our normal day jobs – insurance was less this year, Handsome got more overtime
$ 64 more on my second job (bonus)
$ 94 more on Job 3 Paycheck 1 (supervisor for part of the shift)
$ 78 more for dogsitting
$ 224 more on Job 3 Paycheck 3 (supervisor for part of the shift)
$ 200 from last year’s dependent care account
$ 80 Handsome Job 5 Paycheck 1

AND we didn’t have to spend:

$ 150 – save on car insurance premium thanks to shopping around
$ 114 – scraped from lower utilities, gas, grocery budget, dog food budget…


So this morning I updated our budget and our snowball was at $4225!!!! That’s more than we planned!!! And then. AND THEN. And then I remembered, I had another childcare bill to pay. $420, gone. YARGH. My $4225 snowball had to be reduced, but I scraped a tiny bit here, a tiny bit there, and was able to keep the snowball at $3950. SO CLOSE. SO budget magic-o, presto, now we have to come up with another $68 to pay for the last little bit of childcare. It will either come out of the snowball or from extra savings we were trying to do. BUt SERIOUSLY!!!! Only $50 bucks away! Womp, womp.

Or, I could say: Hey!!! We were only $50 bucks away! That’s fabulous!!! And it is, it really is. I am not complaining… but I also know it’s not January 31st yet. Which means We could maybe find that last little infusion of cash and reach our goal!!!

What about you, Gazelles? Shooting for the moon, landing in the stars kind of deals for you, too? How has January been so far?

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