Cheap Eats: Breakfast Couscous

I am a firm believer that any grain can take on the often restricted role of “breakfast!” Move over oats, it’s time to share the spotlight. Yes, breakfast can be made from rice, and barley, and farro – and in today’s delicious case, couscous!  We normally see couscous made with salt (and butter!) and turned into a side dish, like a pilaf with chicken broth or a tabouli salad with veggies chopped small. But today couscous got to hang out with new friends – cinnamon, raisins, and applesauce – to be a delicious, healthful AND MOST IMPORTANTLY cheap breakfast!

How can couscous be cheap? I found couscous on clearance for $4 last week, bringing it to only a quarter per serving. That’s probably more than rice, oats, or grits, but I haven’t done the math and I love variety. T’is the spice of leftovers. Substitute your favorite bargain-priced grain if couscous isn’t on sale near you. 🙂

Breakfast Couscous – Serves 4

1 C. Couscous ($1)
1 C. Boiling hot water
1/2 C. Raisins ($0.42)
1/2 C. Applesauce (I used non-sweetened non spiced) ($0.18)
Cinnamon to taste ($0.03)
Honey to taste (given as a birthday present – free)
Other toppings of choice (We had a leftover salad pack with nuts so those went in – for free!)
Pinch of salt

Combine couscous with boiling water, remove from heat, throw in a pinch of salt and cover for 4-5 minutes.
Add applesauce, raisins, honey, and anything else that would be super yummy. Fluff and eat!

Enjoy a breakfast that serves four for $1.66 – that’s only $0.42 per serving. YUM.

What cheap eats are you enjoying lately?


Stay Gazelle Intense,

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