Cheap Eats: Taco Soup

I am eating Taco Soup leftovers for lunch and it is SO GOOD!

And, most importantly, it’s the perfect combo of cheap meets healthy. No I take that back. Delicious is the most important. Just like that tailgater from last week, Deliciousness is followed annoyingly close by Cheap and Healthy! Chealthy. Heap. I’m going for a Brangelina. or a Bennifer. Not working. ANYWAY.

Can’t go too cheap (I’m looking at you lonesome Ramen Noodle dinner) and we won’t afford the most affluent of health food. Side eye to you, delicious and attractive Whole Paycheck I mean Wholefoods. I will patronize your hipster naturalist judgey store when I am in Baby Step 4 thankyouverymuch.

Taco soup is packed with veggies and you can make it from pretty much anything. This version had:

Canned corn
Canned chickpeas
Red Lentils
Coconut oil (for sauteeing veggies)
a handful of taco shells
Chipotle seasoning.

Soups are so forgiving, you don’t really need a recipe. Disagree? Maybe my family is the one that’s forgiving, not the soup. HAR HAR! Well, either way, this came out delicious and was cheap and I had EVERTHING on hand. The bottom line is, use lots of cheap veggies, taco seasoning, and some kind of protein. The beanier the cheaper. The bigger the animal, the more expensive. Have you seen how expensive elephant is lately? #Justsaying

(Sautee your hard veggies in fat/spread/broth – dealer’s choice – and taco seasoning, until soft. No hard fast rule, just to taste. Add broth to cover and add beans of choice, corn (if canned, not creamed), salsa and/or diced tomatoes, and fancy up with chips, hot sauce, guac on top, french spinach/greens, and squeeze a lime on top. More broth will make it go even farther!) P.S. adding guac will help satisfy that fat you want this to have, so you’ll be able to avoid the buttered cornbread, pounds of shredded cheese, and limitless “just-a-dollops” of sour cream. Your budget will thank you and so will your waistline!

What’s been your favorite cheap meal last week? How is your no-spend January going? Want to come over and eat at my place?!


Stay Intense, Gazelles!

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