Budget Antics: 2018 | January

We have a crazy goal: To be debt free this year. How can that be possible?! $99K to debt we are trying to slay – is it like squeezing blood from a stone? Kati, you can’t do that.

Kati accept challenge.

So, let’s see the budget.


$ 5640 Our combined normal day job paychecks


$ 1100 Kati Job 2 Paycheck 1
$ 315 Handsome Job 2 Paycheck 1
$ 315 Handsome Job 2 Paycheck 2
$ 320 Handsome Job 3 Paycheck 1
$ 300 Handsome Job 3 Paycheck 2
$ 210 Handsome Job 4 Paycheck 1
$ 400 Kati DCA Reimbursement

$8600 January!

-$860 Tithe
-$700 Savings (taxes, insurance, only necessities)
-$1028 Housing (mortgage, utilities, internet etc)
-$125 gas
-$480 Food (groceries and dog food for the month)
-$180 Family life
-$1148 Debt Minimums (you are going DOWN!)
-$1362 Kids (childcare  + diapers)
-$48 Misc (always need a buffer!)

= $2669 left to our snowball.

Yes… we cut netflix. We cut dollar shave club. We cut our savings down to nothing except the essentials (yes, not even Christmas or our family reunion next year!).But look… look how big that shovel is. It’s medium compared to our mountain of debt (99K) but it’s getting better, ad better, and better, and better.

Our goal is another $1331 to our snowball, or $4000 total.  Where can we get that? I can up my job #2 hours, but only slightly. Handsome can up his just a bit as well, and this is after we slashed our budget to the bone. We are hoping we won’t have to pay our savings to taxes this year and can pile that right in the snowball – but either we have taxes already figured out or we have a snowball payment getting bigger and biggest each month… Cannot wait to slay that loan!

So, another $1331 to debt, that’s each of us earning another $665 a month, if we split it evenly between the hubster and I, at $20/hour… Let’s GET NERDY! Here’s the Need-Mo-Money Breakdown:

$1331 more needed/2 of us = $665

$665/$20 per hour average = 33.25 hours per person over the month. 4 weeks in a month means:

33.25/4 = 8.31… Just another 8 hours a week. That’s like 1 hour, just a smidge more per day per each of us. Can it be done!!?? I can teach another half an hour in the mornings.. at 3:30 a.m., and another 3.5 over the weekends, in the morning and at night – depending on the schedule, and Handsome’s schedule is pretty full.  Thinking about it just makes me tired, but where there’s a will… there’s a WAY! **Oops we need even more to cover tithe + taxes***

There have to be some other options! Where else can we cut or earn more?

I think the real answer is: PRAYER. So I’m off… to do lots of it.

Tell me where your budget goals are for January!

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